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Staff Sound-Off: Historic Dream Destinations

We asked our staff, “If you could travel to any historic site in the world, what would it be?” Learn the top historic attractions on our staff’s bucket list below.


“I’m going to have to say I’d like to visit and play the Old Course at St. Andrews in Scotland, which is traditionally considered the home of golf. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit places like Petra in Jordan and Machu Picchu in Peru, so as a lifelong golfer, I’d like to do something personal and visit the course where the game found its origins in the 15th century.”

— Mac Lacy, Publisher


“I’ve wanted to see the Pyramids of Giza ever since I studied Egyptian history in fifth grade and fell in love with the culture and mythology. It astounds me that we still don’t fully understand what’s inside the last standing Wonder of the Ancient World or how it was built in such a short period of time.”

— Savannah Osbourn, Staff Writer


“I would love to travel to Kyoto, Japan. This storied city has 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites as well as 38 sites designated National Treasures by the Japanese government. Besides these impressive temples, gardens and Nijo Castle, I would love to walk the streets of Gion Kobu to talk to the geisha and other artisans that keep the culture and traditions thriving today.”

— Ashley Ricks, Circulation Manager


“I would like to visit Normandy to see the beaches where Allied Forces landed on D-Day. The bravery on display that day was extraordinary.”

— Brian Jewell, Executive Editor


“This is such a hard question for me to answer. If I had to pick one, it would be Jerusalem and the surrounding areas known as the Bible Lands. My fascination with things of the Bible, antiquity and archaeology make this a very hard question to answer. I would also love to visit Pumapunku, Bolivia; any and all of the amazing ancient sites in Peru, along with the fascinating Nazca Lines. To visit Mount Ararat in Turkey, the cave dwellings of Derinkuyu or the Pamukkale hot springs would be “goose bump” moments for me. I’d better get started, or I won’t be able to fit it in to one lifetime.”

— Donia Simmons, Creative Director


“This isn’t the best question for the “cocktails on the beach, sorry I’m too lazy to even book an excursion” traveler that I am, but I would say Petra. It’s where my husband wants to go the most and every now and again, you have to give the poor guy a win.”

— Stacey Bowman, Director of Advertising Sales