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A Taste of the Tulsa Sound

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Tulsa, Oklahoma is known for its rich cultural and musical heritage — from blues to Western swing. To get a taste, plan a group tour to these noteworthy attractions!  

Greenwood Rising

Journey through the rise, fall and revitalization of the Greenwood District at Greenwood Rising, a cutting-edge cultural center with projection mapping and holographic technology. Once dubbed Black Wall Street, Greenwood became one of the nation’s most prominent Black-owned business sectors. The area’s music followed suit, reflecting its vibrant culture in jazz, blues, gospel, ragtime and even classical. This prosperity came to a tragic end in the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, when hundreds of residents lost their lives and thousands of homes burned to the ground in just two days. A century later, the revitalized Greenwood District is on the rise once again. Experience it for yourself at this state-of-the-art facility!

Church Studio

Next, tour the Church Studio, the birthplace of a genre known as the Tulsa Sound — a blend of rock, country, blues and folk. Opened in 1972 by the legendary Leon Russell, this influential studio hosted many famous artists like Eric Clapton, Tom Petty, Willie Nelson and Stevie Wonder throughout the years. Today, it’s primarily a museum of rock and roll history, with a collection of memorabilia featuring the original Neve console, a bronze sculpture of Leon Russell and more, but it remains a working studio. If you’re lucky, you might witness a recording session in action!

The Church Studio

Bob Dylan Center

Want to feel forever young? Delve into the creative life and legacy of one of America’s most impactful singer/songwriters at the Bob Dylan Center, nestled in the Tulsa Arts District. Explore seven decades of cultural treasures created, owned and curated by Bob Dylan himself including handwritten lyrics, unreleased recordings, film performances, photographs, artwork and more. In addition to the archives, the center features rotating exhibits, a screening room, a multimedia timeline of Dylan’s life and an immersive film experience. You can also learn more about Bob Dylan’s role in the development of the Tulsa Sound here!

The Bob Dylan Center

The LowDown

After you’ve had your fill of music history, wash it all down at the LowDown, a contemporary cocktail bar and live music venue that’s conveniently located in the Tulsa Arts District as well. Enjoy live performances by local and national artists, ranging from jazz and blues to rock and soul, while sipping on craft cocktails and relaxing in the eclectic, intimate atmosphere. Word to the wise: You can purchase tickets online or at the door, but be sure to arrive early because space is limited. It’s one of Tulsa’s premier live music clubs, after all!

The LowDown

Believe it or not, this iconic itinerary is just the tip of Tulsa’s musical iceberg! There’s also the Woody Guthrie Center, Cains Ballroom, a world-class venue that was once the home of Western swing sensation, Bob Wills, and so much more. Browse more ideas and itineraries at