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Top Film Location Vacations

Sometimes what stands out from a movie most is not the characters or cinematic themes, but the backdrop.

After learning that “The Sound of Music” filmed in Salzburg, Austria, I longed to go to the town that seemed so charming when Julie Andrews sang and danced down its streets. On a Sound of Music-themed tour of the city, I learned that the town still seemed just as cheery as it did during the filming of the musical.

The following top movie set locations similarly inspire film lovers to travel there to not only reconnect with the movie, but to also enjoy the destination outright for itself. These film locations combine beloved movies with fantastic vacations for a perfect getaway that will catch your group’s eye.

1.) Salzburg, Austria
Filming site of “The Sound of Music”
Follow Maria and the Von Trapp children’s steps through the Mirabel Palace Gardens, the Hellbrunn Palace gazebo and the movie’s wedding church.

2.) Petra, Jordan
Filming site of “Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail”
The intriguing building facade carved in red rock that Indiana Jones enters during the film is actually a small part of an elaborate and ancient archeological site in Jordan.

3.) Nassau, The Bahamas
Filming location of “Thunderball” and “Never Say Never Again”
Bond fans can stay at the luxurious British Colonia Hotel, a location used for not one, but two Sean Connery Bond films.

4.) The Forbidden City, China
Filming location of “The Last Emperor”
The film may leave you crying, but the intricate set will leave you wanting more, which you can explore in Beijing’s Forbidden City and Imperial Gardens.

5.) Timberline Lodge, Oregon
Filming location of “The Shining”
Though the film makes you not want to meet Jack Nicholson in the hallways, the gorgeous hotel featured in the horror flick invites guests for relaxing ski vacations.

6.) Dyersville, Iowa
Filming location of “Field of Dreams”
It’s hard to imagine a way to immerse yourself in America’s heartland more than at a preserved baseball field built in the middle of a cornfield. The Field of Dreams Movie Site’s baseball diamond offers a nostalgic film experience in Iowa.

7.) Burghley House, England
Filming location of “Pride and Prejudice”
Lady Catherine De Bourgh may have been a stuffy character, but her opulent house definitely peaks interest during the film. The grand estate offers tours for those seeking a glimpse into boundless wealth.

8.) Kauai, Hawaii
Filming location of “The Descendants”
You can admire this Oscar-winning film for its acting, as well as its panoramic shots of Hawaii.

9.) Scottish Highlands, Scotland
Filming location of Harry Potter movies
Though a tour will sadly not include any magical creatures, the vistas used in the Harry Potter films in the Scottish Highlands will still take your breath away.

10.) Tongariro National Park, New Zealand
Filming location of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Filmmakers chose New Zealand to film this fantasy trilogy for its unbelievably dramatic scenery. The Tongariro National Park served as the main setting for the Land of Mordor.