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Top Travel Trends for 2017

It seems travel in 2017 will focus more on one thing: relaxation. Many of the top trends predicted for the year include popular ways to make travel easier and more laid back. Whirlwind trips with a checklist continue to fall in popularity, while a slower, simpler style of travel appears to be the tonic to the stresses of modern life.


  1. Wellness Travel

Travel focused on recharging and rejuvenating the travelers is growing 50 percent faster than the overall tourism industry, according to the Global Wellness Summit. The hot travel niche is expected to hit $680 billion in 2017. American citizens have embraced this travel style with many seeking a healthier work-life balance. Expect a rise in Facebook posts from retreats, nature lodges and other relaxing locations.


  1. Secondary Destinations on the Rise

Regional low-cost carriers have thrived globally, causing many travel experts to expect more secondary destinations to attract more attention in 2017. Over the past decade over 10,000 new routes now serve more than 37,000 city pairs. This makes secondary destinations cheaper and thus more likely to make their way onto an itinerary for cost-minded travelers. Instead of a big ticket destination, it is predicted many travelers will flock to the quieter locales across the country and the world.


  1. Hotels Where Less is More

Opulence and formality will take a back seat to the soothing ambience trendy hotels seek to deliver occupants in 2017. Quality will still remain a focus in these luxury accommodations, but the look will become less cluttered and simplified with comfortable bedding, intelligent technology and designs made to encourage relaxation.


  1. European Islands

What could be more inviting than a less crowded, luxurious European island to discover? Bookings in these scenic islands across the continent have grown with focuses on Italy’s Pantelleria, Greece’s Naxos and France’s Corsica.


  1. Edible Resorts

The offerings will seem familiar: “farm-to-table,” “beehives on roofs” and “kitchen gardens.” All terms growing across the tourism industry at what has been called edible resorts. These hotels focused on authentic, local and fresh culinary experiences have drawn many foodie guests seeking more than just plush bedding.


  1. Accessible Exotic Destinations

As technology continues to develop, exotic destinations thought all but impossible to reach become more and more possible for the average traveler. Tour operators continue to focus on these far-flung locations with itineraries focused on making a strange and distant land easy to experience. The Group Travel Leader delved into this trend and how group travel planners can take advantage in the recent Buyer’s Guide edition.