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Winter Wonderland by Train

When I heard I was riding an overnight train from Vancouver to Jasper on my tour of the Canadian Rockies, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had ridden an overnight in economy class before when I was in college where you sleep on one of six tiny pull out beds with random other travelers in the same room. It was just as awkward as it sounds.


However, this trip wasn’t about getting someplace cheaply, but instead about the journey itself. First, everyone on the tour got their own private sleeping room on the train.


After spending the day learning about the beauty of Vancouver, I went to sleep that night in my comfortable private room. I awoke to find myself in a Narnia-like dreamland.


From my train window, I could watch the snowy mountainous world of the Rockies pass silently by. This remote land is more untamed than any mountainous region I have yet seen. Only a few lonely houses were ever visible out my window.

Evergreens covered the mountain vistas to create dark contrasts against the perfectly white snow. Even in April, it snowed for most of the day as we rode along. I watched the scenery change from the dome car to catch glimpses of turquoise lakes, waterfalls and one adorable moose.


This evening, I disembarked the train with the rest of my group with Collette Vacations to stay at the Jasper Park Lodge. After eating a delicious dinner at the lodge, I braved my fear of the cold by climbing into their heated outdoor pool.


Though snow lay all around me, I stayed warm inside the steamy pool. I just made sure to not let my head drift too high out of the 87 degree water.

canada 9

My cozy bedroom inside the train where the beds pull down

canada 10

One of my snowy views from the train

canada 11

The beautiful city of Vancouver