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The Year’s Best Exotic Destinations

One day’s mysterious and inaccessible country can turn into the next tourism hot spot tomorrow in this fast-paced world. With modern advancements and familiarization with a destination, mindsets about travel can change within just a few years.

Keep these exotic destinations in mind when planning your next or future group trips.


1.) Ecuador

Since the Galapagos Islands have long been climbing to the top of everyone’s bucket list, the gateway country, Ecuador, has benefited. The country’s small size allows groups to go whale watching, hiking and museum touring in one trip.


2.) Cuba

Once an impossible group destination, Cuba is now high in demand by numerous American groups. Post-embargo, the country has already started to change and will continue to do so quickly. Groups looking to see the country as a place frozen in time should sign up soon.


3.) Nepal

Now that Nepal has largely recovered from its devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake, visitors have begun flocking back to the exotic, but tourist-friendly destination. Much of the country’s tourism infrastructure has remained intact, including airports, hotels, trekking routes, temples and capital, Kathmandu.


4.) Madagascar

About five percent of the world’s biodiversity lives solely on the island of Madagascar. Recent political stabilization has led to a growth in ecotourism opportunities, as well as new direct flights bringing in more visitors.


5.) India

After the recent release of the live-animation version of Rudyard Kipling’s “Jungle Book,” India has seen an increase of tourists to the country’s national parks. India’s e-visa scheme has also helped to make travel to the country easier and cheaper.


6.) Patagonia

The country’s new Patagonia Park has transformed a once overgrown cattle ranch into a wilderness wonderland with glacial peaks and abundant wildlife. Additional boats and road routes through the area also have opened up the area to more accessible tourism.


7.) South Georgia Island and Antarctica

Every traveler seeking to see the edge of the world would love to step foot on Antarctica. This far away region can now welcome a higher number of adventurers with the first Boeing 757 passenger planes landing on a new runway in November.