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2016 Travel South Tour Planner

Meet the faces behind our places with the 2016 Travel South Tour Planner.


Liz Bittner: Getting It Done, One Friendship at a Time

Liz Bittner shares her opinion on why the South consistently ranks as America’s top-rated travel region.


Wit Tuttell: Shine Locally, Sell Globally

Wit Tuttell is enjoying the exposure North Carolina gains from a rare “double” by hosting the Travel South International Showcase last month in Charlotte and the upcoming Travel South Domestic Showcase this March in Winston-Salem.



A Fresh Approach to the South

Today’s visitors will find Southern traditions combined with new ideas, energy and applications that make them enticing and accessible.


Good Eats at a Southern Table

Groups looking for new ways to encounter Southern food and spirits have a wide menu of choices at their disposal.


Signature Southern Stays

Recently, Travel South USA polled member tour operators and asked them to name their favorite accommodations in each Southern state. Here’s a look at some of those they picked.


Customizing the South

Southern cities are customizing visitor experiences.


Southern National Parks

Your group will benefit from the fresh air and first-hand experiences of these wondrous national parks in the South.


Selling the South

We asked tour operators three questions about how they sell the south to their travelers. Here are their responses.