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2020 Civil Rights Trail Travel Guide Coming in March

The 2020 edition of the U.S. Civil Rights Trail Travel Guide will be published in March and a dramatic new five-pillar approach to highlighting and promoting the civil rights landmarks included will offer travelers exciting new ways to embrace the trail.

“This project has become one of the most rewarding initiatives we’ve taken on in years,” said executive editor Brian Jewell.  “This will be our third edition of this magazine and we always have exciting new ground to cover.  Our partners at Travel South USA and the U.S. Civil Rights Trail Marketing Alliance keep us fully up to speed on all the great things happening with the trail.”

The five pillars to be emphasized in this year’s magazine are:

  • Community, which covers many of the trail’s churches
  • Law, which centers on events at courthouses and state capitals
  • Education, which applies to events at schools and universities
  • Museums, which features all the impressive collections for the trail
  • Social Justice, which highlights many civil rights sites that are etched in the nation’s memory

For advertising information on this 2020 edition, please e-mail Kelly Tyner at, or call toll-free (888)253-0455 and ask for Kelly, Kyle or Daniel.  Advertising closes February 1, 2020.