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2020 U.S. Civil Rights Trail Travel Guide

Here are some trip ideas to help your group experience the landmarks and icons from this important time in our history.


U.S. Civil Rights Trail Embraces Forward Thinking

U.S. Civil Rights Trail is achieving destination status.

The Past is Present on the U.S. Civil Rights Trail

Museums illustrate the struggle for civil rights.

The Heart and Soul of the Civil Rights Movement

Churches were pillars in the struggle for civil rights.

Landmarks Remember the Journeys to Justice

Landmarks large and small remember lives devoted to equality.

Education Brings a New Chapter to African-American History

Dynamic institutions rose to educate African Americans.

Where the Battle for Civil Rights was Won

America’s courts ultimately shone for civil rights

In Their Own Words: Memories of The Civil Rights Movement

Experience the stories of the Civil Rights Movement and the difficult path to equality in all areas of life.


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