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A Return to Prominence Lies Ahead for Groups

SALEM, Ohio The Group Travel Family has 25,000 members, mostly volunteer leaders in the field of group travel, who offer their communities the value of traveling together. That outreach includes networking, educational seminars, conferences, online content and even this publication, The Group Travel Leader.

“We are dedicated to helping our members be better leaders, not just of travel but of life experiences and human interaction,” said Jennifer Ferguson of The Group Travel Family.

The travel shutdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a number of group travel leaders contacting The Group Travel Family with concerns that their groups are being negatively affected by the loss of human interaction.

“It is the hidden cost of this crisis,” said Ferguson. “Group travel is the opportunity for people to interact, and that’s very necessary for our health.”

The Group Travel Family serves 25,000 members that, in turn, have a community following of over 5 million people who follow them on planned travel programs. In the 30 years the organization has existed, its focus has remained on assisting existing travel leaders and opening the door to waves of new group travel organizers. Group travel is important because of the immense value it delivers.

“Every volunteer group travel planner we help makes life better for at least 200 people,” said Kathleen Presley, co-founder of The Group Travel Family. “It has brought me personal satisfaction to know how many people have been positively touched through the work of our members and the encouragement of The Group Travel Family.”

Travel planners who wish to keep their skills sharp and jump-start their travel programs in 2021 may call 800-628-0993 for details on attending the Select Traveler Conference, the African American Travel Conference, Going On Faith, Boomers in Groups or the Small Market Meetings Conference.