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Avoiding family feuds on the road

Courtesy Tauck Bridges

The Web’s Family Travel Network urges families to vacation together. It offers tips that tour operators should make clear to their clients. A few of them:

1. Brainstorm the trip together.

Travel planners should realize that the most successful family vacations involve both parents and children choosing destinations. Through the use of online tools and the power of social media, professionals can help families learn more options.

2. Set a budget everyone can afford.

Through careful budgeting, planners can help multigenerational families afford a great vacation that falls within their financial comfort zone.

3. Consider health, safety and personality issues.

If standing in long lines is not comfortable for grandparents or grandchildren, planners should think twice about booking a theme park. If the grandchildren are accustomed to plenty of daily structured activities with children their own age, book a cruise line, tour or resort.

4. Spend time together, time apart.
Although the goal of a multigenerational family vacation is to create shared memories, planners must remember that children need time to burn off energy and enjoy the company of other children. Likewise, grandparents need quiet periods and adult companionship. Book all inclusions accordingly.

5. Be prepared; expect the unexpected.
Planners should remind clients to bring identification, contact and health insurance information, recent photos, medicines, proper travel documents and other important items.