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These Broadway Debuts are Instant Classics

Enchanting toddlers, adults and everyone in between can prove quite the challenge. Broadway doesn’t miss a beat as movies cherished by both young and old hit the stage for the first time and classics stage revivals.

It seems the latest Disney movie adaptation, “Frozen,” is a sure-fire hit with its already beloved music and characters. “Mean Girls” features new music that was added to the popular teen comedy movie. Meanwhile, the much anticipated “My Fair Lady” returns to Broadway with its timeless songs and dance numbers.

Groups will love the toe-tapping songs and familiar faces of these recently debuted Broadway productions.


Since almost every girl under 10 can belt out “Let It Go” from “Frozen,” the demand for this incredibly popular Disney-movie-turned-Broadway-play has only grown. The highest-grossing animated movie of all time, “Frozen” is loosely based on the Hans Christian Andersen story “The Snow Queen.”

To adapt the musical phenomenon to Broadway, the original creative team behind the film reunited to shift scenes and add 12 new songs to the already popular hits. Two of the new songs already receiving attention are “Monster” and “Hygge.”

The story focuses on two sisters at odds over a magical secret that leaves one trying to harness her powers and the other trying to reunite the family.

“‘Frozen’ has been nominated for a number of Tonys this season,” said Stephanie Lee, president of “Groups know if they buy into a Disney musical, the level of quality entertainment is top notch. The score is beautiful.”