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Bucket List Itinerary: Sailing the Great Barrier Reef

Coast of Whitsunday Island, Great Barrier Reef
Whitsunday Islands Sailing tour, courtesy Greenloon

Imagine a week of carefree sailing past islands fit for paradise. Greenloon’s Whitsunday Islands Sailing itinerary takes guests on a boating expedition to enjoy the tropical shores and colorful reefs of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

While a crew manages all of the technical sailing details, groups begin their voyage with a snorkel at Happy Bay and a hike in the Whitsunday Islands National Park. Sunset fishing, relaxing on Molle Island’s beach and cruising through the fjord-like Nara Inlet also highlight the trip.

Butterfly Bay, a secluded fish sanctuary surrounded by a renowned coral reef, will provide some of the most spectacular underwater sights. Passengers will not only have a chance to see turtles, manta rays and other tropical fish, but they will also view Aboriginal rock drawings during the tour.

is an eco-certified tour operator with numerous environmentally friendly tours. For more information on the Whitsunday Islands Sailing itinerary, click here.