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Central Holidays introduces “When In

Rome, courtesy Central Holidays

MOONACHIE, N.J. – Central Holidays has unveiled its “When In…” City Stay packages, which divide some of its European city tours into choices for a variety of budgets.

Guests can choose their five-night accommodations, activities and excursions based on the three budgetary categories of Travel in Simplicity, Travel in Style and Travel In Luxury. The packages break down the options to show the amenities and activities of each price point.

For example, the tour operator’s When In Rome Travel In Simplicity budget-friendly package stays in tourist-class hotels, with non-private tours of various Roman attractions. The Travel In Style package takes guests to first-class accommodations with some private guided tours. The Travel In Luxury trip features deluxe-class hotels, private guided tours and an added full day excursion to Roman Castles.

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