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Collette’s Jim Edwards is a Conference Constant

SALEM, Ohio Group travel planners across the country have been guided by the destination knowledge of Jim Edwards of Collette, who has become a trusted friend in the travel industry. 

Edwards is in his 26th year of serving Collette in sales leadership, focusing on serving the sales team and national partners. He collaborates with the Collette team to create strategy and best practices for success with affinity partner organizations and national member associations. Edwards has been a leader in the industry for more than two decades and sits on the boards of several travel industry organizations.

In those two decades, he has become a consistent and reliable resource for thousands of travel groups. His dedication has included positioning Collette as the longest-running corporate sponsor at Select Traveler Conference, Going On Faith Travel Conference and Boomers in Groups. Members of these organizations have not only discovered new Collette offerings but also recognized Edwards as someone they look to for travel advice. 

“We get calls from group planners every year asking if Collette and Jim are sponsoring lunch,” says Jennifer Ferguson, general manager of Group Travel Family of Brands.

Edwards’ entry into the travel industry was interesting. 

“I moved my family to Tennessee to start my career as with Collette,” he said. “Six years later I was able to return to Ohio with a promotion to regional director of sales, overseeing the Central and Pacific Northwest and 15 business development managers.”

Since 2011, Edwards has spent his time on a national level serving the sales team in the field and national partners, and representing Collette at more than a dozen affinity tradeshows across the country.

“Jim once told me that travel is the great educator, and that says it all,” Ferguson said. 

Edwards also has a favorite scripture, Matthew 6:33: “Seek first the Kingdom of God, and his righteousness: And all these things shall be added unto you.”

As a thank-you from Collette for two decades of service, Edwards and his wife enjoyed a trip to Italy. You can congratulate Jim at or 800-852-5655 ext. 14543.