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Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum to Open

DALLAS — The Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum, which opens September 18, honors both human rights and the memory of the Holocaust.

The state-of-the-art 55,000-square-foot facility in downtown’s West End is five times the size of the old Dallas Holocaust Museum.

The museum’s exhibitions, displayed in three main wings —  the Holocaust/Shoah Wing, the Human Rights Wing and the Pivot to America Wing — include a floor-to-ceiling replica of Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate from Hitler’s time, with German flags, the swastika and Nazi paraphernalia; and 10 artistic interpretations of modern genocides that each stand 18 feet tall.

A Dimensions in Testimony theater combines high-definition recording, voice activation and holographic imagery to let visitors interact with genocide survivors.

There is also a 250-seat Cinemark Theater with a 50-foot wall-to-wall screen.

Visitors can explore the history of civil rights in America at immersive technology kiosks.