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Diamond Tours is Building its Brand

SALEM, Ohio — Diamond Tours continues to grow its group tour business with new destination offerings and a commitment of delivering the company message to travel leaders at The Group Travel Family.

Diamond now focuses on faith-based, baby boomer, African-American, mature market, bank, alumni and chamber-of-commerce travel programs. They find these qualified travel clubs at travel conferences operated by The Group Travel Family.

For over 15 years, Diamond Tours has supported group travel and its travel planners at these conferences.

The Group Travel Family has 25,000 travel groups in its membership.

“Diamond Tours has a long history of dedication to serving group travel planners, and it has paid off in a loyal following,” said Joe Cappuzzello, president of The Group Travel Family. 

Diamond Tours began serving travel groups 25 years ago with a single regional tour product and now offers tours nationwide, specializing in departures from any group or organization’s meeting place. The growth of the company can be traced to its singular focus on group travel planners and serving their needs. They have maintained a policy that allows any group to book a tour with no deposit, and Diamond still prints the groups trip flyers free of charge. 

If you are a travel planner and want to learn more about Diamond Tours, consider attending a Group Travel Family conference. You can also attend your regional TravelTalks Meeting by registering at or calling 800-628-0993.