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Educational video highlights group travel personalities

Brian Jewell giving a talk on the Six Travel Personalities at BankTravel Conference

SALEM, Ohio — A new educational video is available to the 20,000 group travel organizers who follow The Group Travel Family.

“The Six Travel Personalities,” a 30-minute video designed and presented by Brian Jewell, executive editor of The Group Travel Leader, outlines personalities that people carry in their travel makeup and sheds light on those traits to help group leaders operate a successful travel program. The production and distribution was underwritten by the Upper Cumberland Tourism Association. It will be featured at all TravelTalks meetings in 2013 and is also available to view on The Group Travel Family’s YouTube channel.

The travel industry counts on affinity groups for most tourism in the group market, and the group leader/organizer is the key in a successful travel program. The groups targeted by the video operate $2 billion in group travel a year for 2.5 million travelers.

“These organizers are the key in filling hotel rooms, cruise ships, attractions, casinos, and quite honestly, they drive the group travel industry,” said Charlie Presley of The Group Travel Family. “What Brian has done — research the makeup of travelers and deliver that insight to the group planner in an understandable message — will create better group travel.”

Jewell designed the educational presentation to be given in person at travel conferences. Once it was recognized that his subject contains lasting value to anyone organizing group travel as well as the entire travel industry, it was decided to give “The Six Travel Personalities” a broader reach and longer shelf life. That is where the Upper Cumberland Tourism Association stepped in by underwriting the distribution. Cumberland is a major group tourism destination located in Tennessee.

“We recognize the importance of the travel group and see this as an investment in growing better group leaders,” said Ruth Dyal, executive director of the Upper Cumberland Tourism Association.

The video is designed to educate group travel planners, but it also delivers good insight to the members of the travel industry.

“While the travel industry sees the bus roll up, few have any real idea of what the group planner does to make the magic happen,” Presley said. “‘The Six Travel Personalities’ reminds us all that the group leader plays a huge role in the success of the group travel industry. Thanks to Brian Jewell for his valuable insight and to the Upper Cumberland Tourism Association for underwriting the distribution.”