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EF Educational Tours offers price guarantee

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — EF Educational Tours has introduced “The EF Price Guarantee,” which assures travelers that the tour price quoted at the time of purchase will not change at any point before the trip.

Teachers and students have traditionally enrolled in educational tours up to two years in advance of their trip. Due to fluctuations in fuel costs, new airline surcharges and other external factors, tour providers often pass these unanticipated costs on to the customer multiple times before departure.

EF Educational Tours president Shane Steffens said that in recognition of how these unexpected fees negatively impact the customer experience, EF is now absorbing these costs and guaranteeing the travel price for every customer from the day they book.

“Now when teachers give their students a price, they can be assured that’s exactly what it is,” Steffens said. “No more departure fee changes, no more confusion, no more worries. We’re proud to be the first company to offer this price guarantee.”

EF has nearly 50 years experience in international education and student travel.