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Elevator Pitch becomes YouTube video contest

SALEM, Ohio — Elevator Pitches are going viral: Group travel organizers can vote for their favorite travel industry presenters as The Group Travel Family introduces the Elevator Pitch series online.

Elevator Pitch is a series of 90-second presentations on The Group Travel Family’s new YouTube Channel.

The series will feature six new, informative and fun video presentations each month. The concept was developed at the BankTravel, Going On Faith and Small Market Meetings conferences before live audiences and received great reviews.

“This is a fun way for the travel industry to make an impression on groups that travel,” said Tammy Knox of The Group Travel Family.

The pitches tend to be lighthearted, with presenters attempting to leave a lasting impression using humor. Live pitches have included songs, skits and one presenter who simply gave the audience “90 seconds of peace and quiet.”

The rule of the Elevator Pitch is that the presenter can do anything that could be accomplished in the space of an elevator. At one event, a presenter brought in 10 fellow workers and explained that their presentation was taking place in a freight elevator. No one could argue the point.

Every month, a new series of Elevator Pitches will be posted online, and group leaders will be encouraged to vote for their favorite. Viewers that vote will be included in a monthly drawing for a $50 gift card.

“This will be fun and easy,” Knox said. “The presentations are designed to be recorded on a smart phone, tablet or simple video camera. The intent is not to produce a high-quality production but simply to deliver a message online to interested groups.”

The Elevator Pitch will be delivered to 25,000 travel groups a month and will be available online at The Group Travel Family YouTube Channel. Presenters can use social networking to promote links to their videos and encourage their customers to vote for their pitches.

To view The Elevator Pitch, visit The Group Travel Channel on YouTube or go to

Travel industry representatives can find out how to post an Elevator Pitch by contacting Tammy Knox at 800-628-0993 or