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Eurostar Reveals New High-Speed Train

Groups looking for a faster connection between London and Paris should consider the new Eurostar high-speed train, which can reach a speed of  200 miles per hour (320 kph). Eurostar, operator of passenger trains between London and Paris, unveiled the new e320 train on November 13.

The Channel Tunnel train will begin its service at the end of 2015. The train can accommodate up to 900 passengers, each with access to free WiFi, power points and a USB socket. Other amenities include ergonomically designed reclining seats, more luggage space and interiors designed by Italian design house Pinifarina.

Eurostar has ordered seven more trains, in addition to the 10 the company ordered in 2010. The company’s trains run routes to Paris, Brussels, Lille, French Alps, Swiss Alps and Geneva. Next May, Eurostar will begin service to Provence with stops at Lyon, Avignon and Marseille.

A planned route to Amsterdam is scheduled to begin at the end of 2016, stopping at Antwerp, Rotterdam and Schiphol Airport.

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