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Group Travel Family Launches Vision 2020

SALEM, Ohio The Group Travel Family has announced its Vision 2020 project and looks to the new decade to bring great advancements in group travel and meetings.

“Group travel is growing and will be a strong market into the future simply because people like to travel with others of like interests” said Charlie Presley, founder of The Group Travel Family.

Presley has been an industry leader in group travel for 40 years and has seen a lot of change, mostly for the better. He said that the group segment of travel has a fairly simple reason for existence: People like to travel together. He also noted the convenience that group travel planners offer customers as well as the affordability of group travel.

Vision 2020 by The Group Travel Family will focus on delivering better travel tools to group leaders to help them succeed.

“Our organization reaches 25,000 volunteer travel planners who are responsible for over 5 million travelers every year, and we provide the networking to the travel industry in order for the groups to have better trips,” Presley said. He explained that Vision 2020 will expand to serve group travel with increased education and destination awareness, available 24/7.

“We envision an electronic platform that will provide insight to our existing members as well as offer training for the person who is interested in building a travel group following,” Presley said.

The organization is dedicated to building new travel groups in this decade through its belief now, as in the past, that all group travel planners who have reached success have done it through sheer determination and, quite honestly, on their own.

“No person interested in leading group travel should be an island unto themselves,” Presley said.

Keep an eye on this publication for updates on The Group Travel Family’s Vision 2020.