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GroupTravelCon to Debut in Branson

SALEM, Ohio — A new event is being designed for the future of group travel based on the wave of new travel organizers developing followings in their communities, clubs, tribes, and even among friends and family. The event is GroupTravelCon, and its mission is to help those entering the industry develop relationships and discover destinations that will result in successful travel clubs and groups.

GroupTravelCon will join the umbrella of The Group Travel Family of Brands, acting as the flagship travel conference for the future of group travel. GroupTravelCon will feature an annual gathering of experienced, new and emerging travel planners from a wide spectrum of group travel. By melding this mix of experience, the organization will deliver marketing tools and destination awareness to experienced professionals while offering encouragement and networking to the emerging travel planners.

“We see a steady registration of new travel groups across our offering of six travel conferences, and GroupTravelCon takes it to the next level in the future of the group travel industry,” said Jennifer Ferguson, general manager of The Group Travel Family of Brands.

The rollout of the new brand is focused directly on the needs of new and emerging leaders who have discovered they have a travel-gig skill set and are reaching out for training, networking and general assistance to succeed.

“That is a win for the travel industry,” said Ferguson. “They will be the future of filling hotels, restaurants and attractions.

GroupTravelCon will debut this October 28-30 at the Thousand Hills Resort Hotel in Branson, Missouri. The Thousand Hills Resort Hotel stepped up to act as the official lodging sponsor of GroupTravelCon based on the new and emerging travel groups that will experience the resort firsthand while attending GroupTravelCon.

GroupTravelCon has also been spearheaded by Anthony Stacy of Branson Restaurants/ IMAX, who has acted as the boots-on-the-ground promoter.

“Anthony and I began with a conversation about GroupTravelCon, and seeing the potential, he committed to making the event happen at Branson,” said Ferguson. “His enthusiasm and leadership has made GroupTravelCon a reality.”

Branson and Missouri travel industry interested in the event may contact Stacy at 417-335-1840 or

Branson’s location in the middle of America and its name recognition as a top entertainment center have positioned it as the perfect destination for the inaugural GroupTravelCon. It is anticipated that many delegates will be first-time visitors to the area.

“We will welcome delegates who are newcomers to the travel game and give them the contacts, tools and training to be the future leaders of group travel,” said Janine Emanuel, GroupTravelCon event manager.

GroupTravelCon will feature a marketplace where travel planners will meet with the travel industry delegates. This will give emerging travel planners new destination, hotel and DMO information, as well as introduce a new wave of travel groups to the travel industry. While a business event, GroupTravelCon will maintain a casual and relaxed atmosphere where networking will take center stage. It is being designed as an intimate gathering, and all delegates will be included in every function, ensuring a natural networking experience.    

To avoid the cattle-call style of large travel conferences, GroupTravelCon will maintain a strict 3-to-1 ratio of seller and buyer delegates. This means that for every one travel buyer delegate there will only be three travel industry delegates admitted. This feature will allow for comfortable relationship building and networking.

“We understand that group travel is based on relationships, and GroupTravelCon will nurture interaction,” said Ferguson.

For additional information on GroupTravelCon please contact Jennifer Ferguson at 800-628-0993 or