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GTF’s Harris Becomes Published Author

SALEM, Ohio — Darryl Harris is a well-known personality in the travel industry. He has become a welcome figure and an invaluable asset to The Group Travel Family and the conferences he helps operate, from the Select Traveler Conference to the African American Travel Conference. While continuing his travel industry career, Harris has added a new twist to his persona as a published author.

“A Lion Doesn’t Have To Roar” is Harris’ first published novel and is receiving great reviews. Harris reports that his love of writing goes back to his military days and that he has long used the art form as an avenue of introspection and personal growth.

“’A Lion Doesn’t Have To Roar” is an intriguing yet uplifting spiritual allegory that chronicles the lives of Christian Walker and Savannah St. Claire. Walker, a musical prodigy in pursuit of fame and fortune, encounters life-threatening obstacles along the way that cause him to question his values as well as his faith. St. Claire, a young political potentate reared in the deep South, encounters a world that is at times antithetical to her upbringing as she attempts to ply her craft in the corporate world. In time, the two team up to take on the bad guys in a classic antagonist/protagonist showdown.

Harris developed the basis for the novel through life experiences and wrote the book over the course of the past two years.

“Darryl brings his style of life to his writing,” said Charlie Presley of The Group Travel Family. “He is one of those people who understand quality of life and that an understanding and acceptance of people are what make this a better world.”

“I am so honored and blessed to present this work of inspiration called ‘A Lion Doesn’t Have To Roar,’” Harris said. “It is my hope that each person who reads this will relate to one or more of the characters involved. Although it is fictionally based, it does chronicle the experiences — whether actual or vicarious — that we all share in life. In as much as this is a book about romance, joy, conflict and intrigue, it is also a book about ‘Going on Faith.’”

Those of us who know and enjoy Harris will want to add his novel to our libraries.

The book is available at: and