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Here’s a Checklist for Chartering Reliable Motorcoaches

SALEM, Ohio As a travel planner, you’re responsible for the group travel of your organization, club, or friends and family on tour. A large part of that responsibility lies in the selection of a motorcoach. That is where The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) comes to your rescue.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is the agency responsible for ensuring motorcoach travel remains safe. It provides this service behind the scenes and out of sight of the average traveler, ensuring safe and responsible transportation for millions of travelers each year.

The Group Travel Family of Brands works with FMCSA in creating awareness of the services offered to travel planners and the importance of that service. 

FMCSA offers a six-point checklist that helps travel planners make sure their motorcoaches are safe and meet federal regulations. 

If you charter a motor coach for group travel, these six checkpoints will help ensure your group’s safety.

Check the bus company’s safety performance scores. Consider how they compare with national averages by visiting

Look for the age of the safety rating. A recent safety rating is a more timely indicator than a rating that is several years old.

Weed out low-rated companies. Passenger carriers with an “unsatisfactory” rating are considered to be a high safety risk and may be prohibited from operating.

Ask about a coach company’s drivers. Interstate drivers are subject to qualification standards.

Make sure the company is licensed by FMCSA. Bus companies must obtain operating authority from FMCSA to provide interstate passenger transportation.

Check for proper insurance. If the company operates a bus that is designed to transport 16 or more passengers, it must have $5 million of insurance coverage.

This checklist is a great starting point for a safe trip. For additional information from FMCSA, go to