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Jumpstart Your Program at a Great Conference

SALEM, Ohio It goes without saying that this has been the most trying time of our lives, inside tourism and out. Now it is up to us — the drivers of group tourism — to chart our futures, as well as the future of group travel.

Group leaders and travel planners, you have the responsibility of keeping travel as part of your communities’ quality of life. It is not enough that you think of yourselves as travel planners. Now, more than ever, you must recognize that you provide an invisible and valuable service to your members: human interaction.

We at The Group Travel Family know 25,000 group travel planners who improve and influence the lives of over 5 million group travelers. Group leaders have a community of travel followers that need them. So now is the time to ramp up your efforts and get your group back on the road, for the good of the travel industry and the good of your members.

“I speak with group leaders daily who are amazed at the positive response of their members and the welcome response received when it is announced that a new trip is scheduled,” said Charlie Presley, founder of The Group Travel Family. “Most group leaders are volunteers and focus on the travel aspect while not giving themselves enough credit for the psychological value of the travel they provide.”

The best way to get your group back on the road is through networking with fellow travel planners and travel industry members. Our company organizes four gatherings that focus on helping group leaders, and they all are scheduled to meet this year; we invite you to join them.

The Select Traveler Conference will be held this August in Wichita, Kansas, and we invite all travel planners of bank clubs, alumni groups, chambers of commerce and other upscale travel groups to attend. Also held this August in Wichita will be the Going On Faith Conference for church and faith-based groups. Together, over 400 travel planners and travel industry delegates will attend.

Boomers In Groups will bring together travel planners for mature groups at its meeting, held this November and hosted by Explore Gwinnett in the Atlanta Metro area. It will be joined by the African American Travel Conference. Between the two conferences, 300 are expected to register.

Make the commitment to attend one of these travel meetings today. Your community members are looking to you for leadership; attending a travel conference will get you started.

Register today toll-free at 800-628-0993 or