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Jungle wildlife and indigenous islanders in Peru

Indigenous islanders who build homes and rafts from reeds in Lake Titicaca, courtesy Go Ahead Tours

Come face-to-face with the exotic wildlife of the Peruvian jungle and indigenous islanders who build their homes and rafts from a reedy lake plant in a new trip by Go Ahead Tours.

“Peru: The Amazon and Culture of Lake Titicaca” tour is a part of Go Ahead’s new Eco Tours, which were launched in January and focus on cultural experiences that support conservation programs and local economies. The 12-day tour takes guests to eco-friendly destinations and eco-lodges, such as the Sol and Luna Spa and Hotel. This hotel sends 100 percent of its profits to local schools and other programs.

One of the highlights includes a hike on the Inkaterra Canopy Walkway in the Amazon rainforest past toucans, monkeys and three-toed sloths living in the treetops. Afterwards, guests will also walk over a wooden bridge on ground level to explore the Aguajales swamps for another perspective on the area’s exotic flora and fauna.

Another itinerary highlight lets groups navigate a dugout canoe past the endangered giant river otters at the Tambopata National Reserve. Guests can also see macaws, howler monkeys and black caiman along the quiet ride.

Travelers will immerse themselves in local culture by watching agricultural and weaving demonstrations at Umasbamba before attempting these skills. During a boat trip around Lake Titicaca, guests will also experience the floating island of Uros, where the “People of the Lake” build their homes and rafts from totora, a reedy plant that grows on the lake.

The itinerary also features a day exploring Lima, ancient Incan sites, Andean mountain landscapes and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Machu Picchu.

For more information on Go Ahead’s Peru itinerary, visit their website.