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Kudos to Trips, a Select Traveler Regular

SALEM, Ohio — Every once in a while, we get a letter from a travel leader that is so impressive it deserves to be published. This is one such letter, written by Suzie Glisson of the CNB Bank and Trust Prime Time Travel Program, regarding the over-the-top service from Brian Doughty and his staff at Trips. Trips is a charter sponsor at the Select Traveler Conference and organizes exclusively for travel clubs and organizations.

Dear Friends,

I want to share with you a story about our trip to Alaska this past June, which is a great example of a tour company going above and beyond for their clients. Brian Doughty and TRIPS arranged our cruise-tour, my 4th to Alaska. First of all, I was most appreciative for the opportunity to assist with the planning so that it would fit the desires of our 56 travelers.

Our originating flight from O’Hare to Seattle was cancelled about an hour before takeoff. There were no more flights to Seattle that night, nor apparently was there any room on flights the next day to Vancouver (where we were to board the Azamara Quest for our cruise). After about five hours spent at the airport, Alaska Air did put us up in an airport hotel. Brian’s assistants, Mikki Walker and Nancy Kreisher, were waiting for us at the hotel in Seattle. Immediately, they began to work with Alaska Air officials, and the three of us stayed up all night trying to get everyone a flight to Vancouver the next day. At some point, they talked to Brian again, and he left a “black-tie” affair to return to the office and help secure flights for all of us.

Alaska Air worked diligently to help us find flights for almost all of the group! At around 3:00 AM, we were told that there was absolutely no more space on ANY airline available, which meant 7 of our travelers were going to have to miss the trip! Within 30 minutes, Mikki called to say that Brian was able to watch for cancellations on all of the airlines and was able to purchase as they became available the seven one-way flights for our passengers. I can’t tell you how relieved we were to get that call!

In addition, the last couple were taking a flight that was going to make it almost impossible to make it to the ship before departure. Brian went to bat for us and spoke to several of the officials on the ship and on the pier in addition to hiring a private car to meet this couple at the airport. None of us could believe that the captain held the ship for 35 minutes, the workers on the pier stayed overtime, and as Jay and Shelley jumped aboard, the ropes flew and we took off!

Those seven last-minute one-way flights were extremely expensive. I will always be thankful to have had Brian Doughty in charge, a person who cared so much about our travelers and who had the deep pockets to get the job done! It is often the actions taken when things go wrong that reveal the true quality and professionalism of your tour company. Thank you again, Brian and TRIPS Inc., for going the extra mile for us.

Suzie Glisson, CNB Bank & Trust.

What a letter, and what extreme effort on the part of Doughty and Trips to deliver a successful trip for CNB Bank and Trust. Doughty made the decision to spend an additional $15,000 on airfare to ensure that those last seven travelers made the trip. This is dedication worth noting and the reason Trips has such a strong following.

You can reach Doughty at 818-753-4530 or