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Louisiana seafood to play prominent role at BankTravel 2011

Courtesy Louisiana Office of Tourism

BATON ROUGE, La. — The Louisiana Seafood and Marketing Board has joined forces with the tourism industry and BankTravel Conference to create an awareness of the importance of Louisiana seafood to America and people on tour.

Delegates attending BankTravel Conference Feb. 6-8 in Baton Rouge will experience Louisiana seafood first hand at the opening dinner held at Nottoway Plantation.

The Louisiana Seafood Board has agreed to sponsor a complete showcase of the state’s wide assortment of seafood at the party, which will be hosted by the Baton Rouge Convention and Visitors Bureau.

“Baton Rouge will show us a great time, but the addition of the Louisiana Seafood Board will put this event over the top,” said Charlie Presley of BankTravel.

The opening event is being held at one of the most historic plantations in the South and will feature and evening of music, a Super Bowl Tailgate Party and now Louisiana Seafood.

The recent BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico has placed the spotlight on the safety of Louisiana’s important seafood industry.

“Tourism and seafood are the two most important industries in Louisiana, and BankTravel is honored to bring them together and create awareness of the synergy,” said Presley.

Louisiana produces one-third of all domestic seafood consumed in the United States and is the No. 1 producer of shrimp, oysters, crab, crawfish and alligator. One of every 70 jobs in the state is seafood related with oysters alone, creating 3,565 jobs.

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The BankTravel opening event will host 500 delegates and bring bank club directors together with the travel industry.

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