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Marketing Takes New Direction in Gettysburg

GETTYSBURG, Pennsylvania — Destination Gettysburg, formerly the Gettysburg Convention and Visitors Bureau, has announced a new marketing approach that showcases experiences beyond the town’s Civil War heritage.

“The history and heritage of Gettysburg will always be the destination’s legacy,” said Norris Flowers, president of Destination Gettysburg. “We aren’t ignoring that as a key attraction for visitors to travel here, but we are placing a greater emphasis on experiences that take these visitors into unchartered areas of the town and the county.”

These experiences include the county’s wineries, orchards, health and relaxation, antiquing, outdoor recreation, restaurants and family-friendly attractions.

Destination Gettysburg will incorporate a new tagline, “… and you thought we were just history,” as a way to emphasize its strategy to focus on experiences beyond the Civil War.

A new logo incorporates Destination Gettysburg’s new name with vibrant colors and seasonal aspects to showcase its natural beauty and agriculture industry and to highlight Gettysburg and Adams County as a year-round destination.