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More Than 1,000 Travel Planners Per Month are Using Tourism Navigator

Since launching in late August, Tourism Navigator has been helping tour operators and group travel planners find out where they can take their groups and what restrictions they will face at different locations.

Over 400 CVBs, restaurants, theaters and attractions have filled out their Tourism Navigator listing, with premium listings receiving the majority of page views.

In just two months’ time since launching, our website pageviews have increased around 25% with an average of 1,100 tour operators and group travel planners visiting Tourism Navigator per month.

Premium listings are receiving an average of 4x more views than free listings per month. More importantly premium listings are receiving pageviews averaging 3 minutes 30 seconds versus only 45 seconds for free listings.

For more information on how to fill out your premium listing for only $250, contact Kyle Anderson at or call 859-253-0455 with any questions about Tourism Navigator!