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New York’s Latest High-Rise 
Observatory Opens in May

NEW YORK — One World Observatory, which opens May 29, will provide panoramic views of New York from 1,250 feet atop the new One World Trade Center near the site of the former World Trade Centers.

The 120,000-square-foot observatory will span three floors and feature the latest in innovative technology to augment the views with history and background on the city and the building.

Five dedicated elevators, termed Sky Pods, take visitors to the top of the building in under 60 seconds. The elevators feature three walls with floor-to-ceiling LED TVs that display the rise and growth of New York City, simulating the skyline’s development through the present day.

The See Forever Theater on the 102nd floor presents a two-minute video presentation, while the main observatory space on the 100th floor features the Sky Portal, where visitors can step onto a 14-foot-wide circular disc in the floor for a view of the city streets below.

One World Observatory offers three distinct dining options on the 101st floor, from seated fine dining to casual, on-the-go cafe fare, and a bar.

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