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Presley Participates in 
NYC & Company Diversity Panel

SALEM, Ohio The Group Travel Family was recently honored to participate as a lead panelist on the webinar developed by NYC & Company titled “Embracing Diversity.” The seven-part webinar asked Charlie Presley, the founder of the African American Travel Conference, to participate.

For 25 years, AATC has helped develop leadership in the group travel market within the African American community. Today, AATC counts 3,500 group travel leaders in its membership and holds an annual conference where the travel industry can network with this valuable group travel market.

“It was a real honor to be part of a NYC & Company event,” said Presley.

The webinar content focused on expanding business by working with the established African American traveler. Presley reminded listeners that the African American market travels as a group twice as often as the general population, making it an extremely important market for destinations and hotels.

Some of the questions covered included the following:

• What advice would you give to those who are beginning to put together their marketing plans with Black people in mind for perhaps the first time?

• Many companies are interested in Black travel, especially as a market to help rebound from a tremendously difficult year. What should these companies know about managing the business once they are able to obtain it?

• As a promoter of Black travel, what challenges have you experienced in the past that the audience can learn from?

• Word of mouth is a huge influence on how Black travelers make their decisions. Can you talk about how significant this is?

• What advice would you give to companies that are looking to partner with other organizations to attract Black business to their city or business?

You can watch the entire webcast at