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Remembering Bob Hoelscher

Bob Hoelscher, longtime owner of Flemming Tours and a frequent contributor to The Group Travel Leader, passed away in September while traveling in Washington state. He was a founding member of Travel Alliance Partners and a past chairman of NTA.

Ever the pragmatist, Bob had given friends instructions about how the travel industry should commemorate his life. They appear below in their entirety, courtesy NTA:

“Please do not report ‘sad’ news when it comes time for me to cash in my chips. All in all, it’s been a good ride, and for the most part, I think I’ve been able to get about as much as I could out of every day that I’ve been on this planet. Whenever the time comes for it to end, so be it. I definitely don’t want to be the source of sorrow or useless ‘thoughts and prayers,’ but if anyone wants to raise a beer to celebrate anything worthwhile that I might have been able to accomplish along the way, that will be more than enough.”

Cheers to a life of travel, Bob.