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Report Details African American Group Travel

SALEM, Ohio — Group travel continues to grow in the African-American community, according to a report released by the African American Travel Conference (AATC) and funded by Tourism Windsor/Essex/Pelee Island and Caesars Windsor.

The AATC Travel Industry Report focuses on the purchasing habits, destination selection and growth opportunities of the African-American traveler in the group market. It is an annual report issued by AATC and is designed to give the travel industry the only direct gauge of this valuable travel segment.

African-American groups make up a larger percentage of the group travel market than they represent as a whole in the population.

“That is great news for destinations and hotels,” said Joe Cappuzzello, president of The Group Travel Family. “They can fill 20 rooms easily with a group that is already focused on travel.”

According to the report, the average African-American group takes six overnight trips per year, and their load factors have remained high. The reason behind group travel is that the outreach of passengers on the trip reaches deep into the community. Many trips have participating age ranges that cover three generations.

“African-American travel groups are very open to intergenerational travel,” Cappuzzello said.

Almost 90 percent of the survey respondents reported bringing new and younger travelers on their trips and that their travel clubs are growing.

Meeting these travel groups is important. The report shows that 83 percent of groups have selected a destination and booked a trip with someone they met at the African American Travel Conference.

“Group travel is still a relationship-driven business, and attending AATC is the only way to build group bookings in this market,” Cappuzzello said.

The African American Travel Conference will be held April 14-16 in Merrillville, Indiana. To register, call 800-628-0993.

The AATC Travel Industry Report is available free of charge at