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Reports highlight frugal destinations

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Can’t afford to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower? TripAdvisor’s recent report suggests that travelers would get more bang for their buck visiting Las Vegas’ Eiffel Tower Experience instead.

The July study by the travel website ranked the world’s top 50 tourist destinations by how much they would cost a typical visitor per day.

Paris ranked as the most expensive international city, with $429 daily costs. New York City proved the most costly domestic destination, with a total of $367 per day.

In comparison, the most economical international city was Bangkok, Thailand, with $112 daily expenses. Averaging $164 a day, Las Vegas proved the lowest-priced domestic city.

Another recent study by the Global Business Travel Association, a trade group for business travel professionals, highlighted America’s top travel destinations based on the combined costs of sales taxes and travel taxes, such as hotel bed taxes.

Chicago ranked first with the highest taxes, since a traveler will spend approximately $39 a day on hotel, car rental and meal taxes. New York came in second with $37.

Fort Lauderdale, Fla., ranked as the best travel deal with about $22 worth of daily taxes, the lowest among those studied.

For more information, read the L.A. Times article.