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Research Shows Groups Love Farm Visits

SALEM, Ohio — Groups are discovering the value of farm visits, and a new research report from AgritourismWorld indicates growth in group visits to farms and markets.

The research indicates a positive and encouraging position for the future of agritourism. Groups found visits to farms a great value when they rated affordability as 4.4 on a scale of 5. A full 89 percent of responding group leaders said they would return with their group to a farm, and groups spent an average of $1,296 at the farm they visited.

“The research shows that agritourism is the most positive sector of group tourism and that it helps sustain the farm way of life,” said Charlie Presley, founder of AgritourismWorld. “Groups love the farm experience, and a farm that hosts three groups a weekend can add $4,000 to its bottom line.”

The Agritourism Research Report was conducted by The Group Travel Family; it surveyed 1,000 group travel planners on their awareness and satisfaction with agriculture-related travel. The survey is the first research to gather information from the group travel industry on agritourism. The research results are available free of charge to farms, markets, destination marketing organizations and the travel and agriculture industries.

AgritourismWorld is the leading agritourism website and counts more than 3,000 farms and markets as members. Group leaders visit the site to plan tours around the farm and market offerings and to make plans for traveling to agritourism destinations.