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Rosenberg is a Mainstay at 
the Select Traveler Conference

SALEM, Ohio The world of group travel is built on relationships. A perfect example of this is Sam Rosenberg, vice president group sales at Grand Circle Travel/Overseas Adventure Travel.

Travel planners for banks, alumni organizations, chambers of commerce and other affinity groups attending the Select Traveler Conference have built relationships with the company because of Sam Rosenberg’s consistency in the marketplace.

“I believe Sam attended our first travel conference 27 years ago and has been a supporter of affinity group travel since,” said Charlie Presley of Select Traveler Conference. 

Many travel planners ask the conference organizers, “Where is Sam?” upon arriving at the event, Presley said.

“I have been attending the Select Traveler Conference, formerly known as Bank Travel, pretty much since its inception,” Rosenberg said. “Over the years, I have formed great relationships with many of the group leaders. They have traveled with both Grand Circle and Overseas Adventure Travel and keep returning year after year.”

The consistency those relationships has resulted in travel planners feeling confident their groups will be well cared for. 

“P.T Barnum once said, ‘the noblest art is that of making others happy,’” Rosenberg said. “Well, that is our philosophy. We continue to strive to make sure our travelers are happy with their experiences and want them to return smiling.”

Travel planners can reach Rosenburg at 800-955-1925 or srosenberg (at)