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Select Traveler Conference Earns Delegates’ Praise

SALEM, Ohio Travel industry delegates recently met with bank, alumni and upscale group travel planners at the Select Traveler Conference in a gathering of networking, education and business appointments to book group travel for 2021 and beyond. The conference was rated as the most successful event in the 30-year history of The Group Travel Family, which manages the meeting.

Select Traveler Conference delegates reported that it met or exceeded their expectations, with an 89% approval rating.

“We are always interested in whether we met or exceed expectations,” said Jennifer Ferguson of The Group Travel Family. “We are overwhelmed that almost everyone had their expectations met.”

Delegates also approved of the marketplace, with 91% rating it a satisfying event. And 84% of the delegates said they made important contacts they would have missed if they had not attended the conference. Business appointment sessions rated an all-time high with a 95% approval rating.

“We also ask how enjoyable the conference was, because it is important that while delegates conduct business, they also need to have fun,” said Ferguson.

Seventy-eight percent of delegates said they found the event extremely or very enjoyable, with another 17% rating the event as enjoyable. “We are pleased the 95% found Select Traveler Conference as an enjoyable event,” said Ferguson.

Select Traveler staff scored a home run unheard of in the travel industry with a 100% approval rating by the delegates.

“The staff that operate this conference are members of The Group Travel Family, and it shows that we are a family,” said Charlie Presley, founder of the organization.

The most telling statistic is, when asked if they would attend the Select Traveler Conference 2021 in Panama City Beach, Florida, 78% of delegates said yes, 22% said very probably and not a single delegate responded with a no.

To reserve your spot at the Select Traveler Conference 2021 in Panama City Beach, February 28-March 2, 2021, call 800-628-0993, or register online at