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Select Traveler Conference Evolves for Upscale Groups

SALEM, Ohio — The travel industry is experiencing growth in travel programs among loyalty organizations. This trend was spearheaded with the emergence of bank and financial institutions that developed travel clubs several decades ago.

Though banks have remained at the forefront of this trend, many other organizations have emerged, among them alumni associations, chambers of commerce, health organizations and libraries. The common thread with all these organizations is the desire to travel with a group with a common interest and similar travel tastes.

Loyalty travel has been of special interest to the travel industry because of its lack of price sensitivity. The organizations sponsoring the affinity travel frequently offer upscale travel packages in an effort to ensure favorable membership response.

The Select Traveler Conference, the leading association serving loyalty travel planners including banks, alumni organizations and chambers of commerce, has seen the growth of this trend.

“Our membership does gravitate to a higher star level of hotel and tour package selection, most likely because their membership demands it,” said Joe Cappuzzello, president of the Select Traveler Conference.

The Select Traveler Conference has grown over the years within the loyalty travel market. The organization was formed over 25 years ago and was then known as the BankTravel Conference. As new travel players entered the loyalty group arena, they were accepted into the conference membership.

“It made sense to allow the travel directors of alumni, chambers and others in because they too needed the networking and destination contacts,” Cappuzzello said.

One of the newest additions will be evident at the Select Traveler Conference 2019, when travel planners representing Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes are welcomed into membership. Osher is an organization representing more than 100 continuing education chapters at universities nationwide.

For more information, contact the Select Traveler Conference at 800-628-0993 or