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Staff Sound-Off: Friends and Family

We asked our staff, “Where have you traveled on your own that you’d love to take friends or family members?” See what locations we have in mind to share in this month’s Staff Sound-Off.

I’d like to take my family to Lafayette, Louisiana. I was there about five years ago on a writers trip with Travel South USA, and I’ve told them about it ever since. We had lots of fried things for dinner at Randol’s, a local institution, and danced there to a zydeco band. Then we hit another local icon, the Blue Moon Saloon, and listened to the Zydeco Alligators play live on the back porch for a couple more hours. I love that music and the carefree places it speaks of. Lafayette has to be my answer here because my family has heard me say we need to go for several years.

— Mac Lacy, Publisher

I went to a little Greek Island off the coast of Turkey called Ikaria a few years ago when I was in college. It was so cool to see their laid-back lifestyle, and the scenery there was incredible. It was an amazing time, and I would highly recommend it.

— Kyle Anderson, Director of Advertising Sales

I went to Charleston, South Carolina, last year for a bachelorette party, and it was my first time visiting. Oh. My. Goodness. I instantly fell in love. I would love to take another trip soon with a few college friends that have never been. They clearly don’t know what they are missing. The city is so charming and elegant, but there is also so much to do. One of my favorite cities for sure.

— Caroline Davis, Sales & Marketing Executive Assistant

My husband, Graham, and I have both been to South Dakota, just not together. Whenever we talk about places we want to return to, it’s always at the top of the list.

— Ashley Ricks, Graphic Designer and Circulation Manager

Sanibel and Captiva islands in Florida are definitely at the top of that list. As a young girl I traveled there with my grandparents. It was a very special trip for me and the first time I ever saw the ocean. The warm, clear waters and the beaches covered with seashells were almost magical to me at that age. I would love to return with my children and spend the days shelling on the beach, like I did with my Memom.

— Donia Simmons, Creative Director

After 16 years in tourism, my list of favorite destinations has gotten pretty long. But the place I’m most anxious to bring my family to is Alaska. The scenery there is stunning, unlike any other place in the United States, and there are so many thrilling ways to get out and enjoy it. I have a preschooler at home, so we’re still several years away from a trip like that. But when the time comes, I’ll be more than excited.

— Brian Jewell, VP & Executive Editor

I was in Oregon several years ago for a conference and drove over to the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area to do a dune buggy tour. The ever-shifting sand creates hills that can be several hundred feet high, so when you fly over the top and slide sideways down the sides of these hills you get the sensation of being on a roller coaster. Best part of all are the spectacular views of the ocean from the top though. I’d love to take my kids back to see the beauty of Oregon and experience the fun of a dune buggy ride on the coast.

— Kelly Tyner, VP, Sales and Marketing