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Staff Sound-Off: Road-Trip Snacks

We asked our staff “What’s your favorite road-trip snack?” Find out what snacks we’re slipping in our bags before heading out on the road in this month’s staff sound-off.

 Kim and I don’t go anywhere without having Hostess white donuts on the morning we leave. It’s a travel ritual and we started it years ago when our two sons were traveling with us on family vacations.

— Mac Lacy, Publisher


— Sarah Sechrist, Controller

I like Cliff Bars, because they keep you full for a bit longer and it doesn’t feel like you’re eating junk food, even when it’s straight up chocolate.

— Rachel Crick, Staff Writer

Pistachios or trail mix

— Donia Simmons, Creative Director

White cheddar Cheez-Its

— Kyle Anderson, VP, Sales & Marketing

Nature’s Valley Almond Butter Biscuits

— Ashley Ricks, Circulation Manager/Graphic Designer

For years, my favorite was a snack pack of Fig Newtons — I could take down a whole sleeve over the course of a long drive. But gas stations don’t seem to carry those anymore, so these days I usually go for smoked almonds.

— Brian Jewell, VP & Executive Editor