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Staff Sound-off: New or Familiar?

We asked our staff “If you could take only one trip this year, would you go somewhere new or somewhere familiar?” find out which we picked in this month’s Staff Sound-Off.

I would go somewhere new. I owe my youngest son a trip to Croatia for earning his MBA. I’ll go with that. But I must be honest — after our recent trip to Iceland in November, I have told both my sons and their spouses/significant others that we will go to Iceland during a summer to enjoy its remarkable outdoor majesty in temperate weather. So put me down for Croatia with an asterisk.

— Mac Lacy, publisher

New! We are over the Atlantic, so we are heading to white sands in the Gulf of Mexico — Fort Walton and Destin, Florida. I haven’t been there since I was a kid. We want to take kids somewhere historic where we can drive and enjoy hiking and getting outdoors.

— Sarah Sechrist, controller

If it were only one trip, it would be somewhere new. I always like seeing new places, so I’d have to find an awesome trip for the year.

— Kyle Anderson, director of advertising sales

Definitely somewhere new! My husband and I have never been to Las Vegas, so we decided to ‘elope’ for our 10th wedding anniversary this year and renew our vows — with Elvis.

— Ashley Ricks, graphic design & circulation

If I could only take one personal trip this year, it would be someplace familiar to me but new to my kids. We have plans with extended family to spend a week this summer in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. To me, that’s one of the most gorgeous parts of the eastern United States, and I can’t wait to take the family hiking in the mountains. The kids are going to love it.

— BrianN Jewell, VP & executive editor

We are going somewhere new!  My family will be spending a week this spring exploring Utah’s Mighty Five National Parks.  It’s a pretty aggressive itinerary, but we’re excited to be able to hike in each of these uniquely different and gorgeous parks! 

— Kelly Tyner, VP, sales & marketing