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Take Advantage of Demand for Travel

SALEM, Ohio There is finally some great news for the travel industry. The past few years have presented some pretty difficult roadblocks for travel. However, this Labor Day weekend signaled the reversal of travel trends. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) reported that 8.76 million travelers flew over the holiday weekend. That is the first uptick in holiday travel since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

It represents an increase of 140,000 travelers flying over the holiday, not to mention the increased numbers of people who traveled via automobile. This is the bellwether indicator of pent-up demand for travel.

Group leisure travel historically leads the way in trends, mainly because people have a desire to be with like-minded friends, and travel is a favored way to enjoy such interaction. Leisure group travel exists because people like to visit destinations in the comfort and security of others they have things in common with. If you are reading this article, chances are you are involved in the group travel industry. 

As a group travel planner, you make it possible for people in your sphere of influence to enjoy travel with little effort and in good company. Now is the time to increase your travel offerings and step up your community outreach. In fact, this may be a great opportunity to grow your community following. 

Think about it: Many people in your community want to travel and will be open to the new value that your offer. Remember that value is not simply about cost — you can provide value through ease of decision making and interactions with other travelers. 

If you are in the travel industry as a DMO, hotel, tour company, attraction or restaurant, this is your time to build bookings, establish new relationships and solidify relationships with current group travel planners. Many of your competitors are still hunkered down, so you shouldn’t miss this window of opportunity. Contact your past clients and remind them to keep you in mind for a group visit. And most importantly, develop relationships with new travel groups as fast as possible.

Act now. Pull the trigger and attend a travel conference. You will get new destination ideas, meet new travel planners and begin the healing process. Here are three you should put on your calendar: Small Market Meetings Conference, Big Travel Weekend and Select Traveler Conference.

These events focus on education and networking for group travel planners and the travel industry. For more information, call 800-628-0993 or visit