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Thanks and Good Luck, Kacie

SALEM, Ohio — Members of the Group Travel Family of Brands have come to know a familiar voice over the past five years. Kacie Honeywell has literally spoken to every travel planner delegate at the 35 conferences operated by the organization since 2018.

“It is with mixed emotions that I am informing our members of Kacie’s moving on to bigger and better things,” said Charlie Presley of The Group Travel Family. 

Honeywell will be entering the education field following the Boomers In Groups Conference this November. 

“Kacie will always be a part of The Group Travel Family, and while we will miss her, we fully support her growth as a professional educator,” Presley added.

Travel planners built a strong relationship with Honeywell, whose primary responsibility was to solve any problem that arose for travel and meeting planners attending Group Travel Family of Brands conferences. It is estimated she spoke with tens of thousands of travel planners and built relationships with over 7,000 delegates of the organization’s travel conferences.

While The Group Travel Family will miss Honeywell, they will not lose contact. Honeywell will be teaching in the Salem, Ohio, school district, the same town where The Group Travel Family is headquartered.

Congratulatory notes can be sent to Kacie at