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The Faith and Liberty Discovery Center Set to Open in 2021 (Sponsored)

The Faith and Liberty Discovery Center is located in the heart of Philadelphia’s Independence Mall across from the Liberty Bell. Opening in 2021, it will hands down be the highlight for any group tour. Where other historical attractions highlight the what and when, this new immersive and interactive experience also explores the why and the how.

The relationship between faith and liberty has been a guiding force in the formation of America since its founding and still guides us today. Visitors will be able to find themselves in the stories of the exhibits and have the opportunity to relate and identify with historical figures like never before.

Technology plays a critical role in the immersive experience. Every visitor receives a brilliant hand-held device that acts as a smart lamp to guide them through the center and interact with the exhibits in an all-new way. Equipped with a proximity sensor and social sharing features, the lamp allows users to save and share their unique journey throughout the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center. So the experience doesn’t end once visitors leave. Members of your group tour will forever be able to revisit their interaction with the exhibits they most identified with whenever they’d like through their saved journey in their own, private web portal. It really is an experience that stays with you.

Whether your group tour is faith based or simply on a mission to explore American history, the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center is a crowd pleaser. It truly gives a 360-degree view of history, but makes it relatable to the challenges and opportunities we as a people are facing today.

To learn more about adding the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center to your group tour or to receive updates on the 2021 click here.