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Touristlink announces new social networking feature for groups


Travelers wanting to connect with other members of their group can look to The social network that allows businesses and people to create social profiles and interact with travelers has announced this new social feature for Touristlink members.

When booking a trip using Touristlink, members can see who is going on a trip, who has already booked it and who is the group leader. Within this website, travelers can ask questions directly to the group leader and connect with future travel partners before even purchasing the trip.

“One of the primary reasons that people hesitate to book group travel is that they are not sure of whom they will be traveling with, and they are hesitant to commit to spending a week or more traveling with people they barely know,” said David Urmann, founder of Touristlink. “The new social elements we are adding should help members choose the right trip and the right people to go with.”

Touristlink currently focuses on adventure travel to Southeast Asia, including deals in Nepal, Thailand and Malaysia. Its social networking site allows members to create a profile, connect with travelers for worldwide destination ideas, as well as the ability to share their own personal travel stories.

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