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TravelTalks fosters discussions nationwide

SALEM, Ohio — A new discussion is taking place in group travel as travel planners meet with the travel industry in 36 cities this year. The group travel gatherings are called TravelTalks and have gained popularity as the meeting to attend for a morning of one-on-one discussion.

TravelTalks began in California, where 20 group organizers attended a meeting with a few hotels, destinations and tour operators. It then spread to three more California cities, and soon, groups from Tampa to Boston joined in. In all, TravelTalks gathered in 17 cities, and groups are planning the gatherings in 16 more cities by the end of 2013.

“We are educating the group travel industry, as well as creating a networking event,” said John Sandor, who serves as moderator of TravelTalks.

Designed for education and networking, TravelTalks is a departure from the traditions of older travel trade shows. Group leaders and travel industry delegates gather for a morning that focuses on a simple goal: “Bigger Groups, Better Trips, Happier You!”

“TravelTalks uses a system that focuses on the leader of the group as the key person,” Sandor said. “After all, if there’s no group leader, there’s no group travel.”

TravelTalks was developed by The Group Travel Family, an organization dedicated to the group travel market that includes brands such as BankTravel, Boomers in Groups and Going On Faith. TravelTalks will visit 16 cities between August and October. Group travel organizers and travel industry representatives are invited to attend.

To find a TravelTalks near you, go to or call 800-628-0993.