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Trusted Tours finds that follow-up works

SALEM, Ohio — It’s always good to hear a success story, so here is a tour company reporting that its hard work is paying off.

Trusted Tours, a company that focuses on specific destination cities, has found recent growth in the group travel market.

“Trusted Tours reached out to us a few months ago in search of developing a following of groups,” said Paula Lancaster of The Group Travel Family. That discussion resulted in Trusted Tours developing over $13,000 of tours, based on a direct mailing to a few targeted groups.

“I enjoyed helping them succeed, but it was really all them; they did their follow-up and got bookings,” Lancaster said.

That follow-up seems to be the key to gaining new bookings in group travel.

“I can always tell when a marketing campaign will work. It’s always the business that follows up that wins,” said Lancaster. “With group organizers busy and a wealth of destination offerings, its no wonder that they book travel with someone who reaches out. The follow-up worked for Trusted Tours, and they are increasing the outreach to groups this year by attending TravelTalks, Going On Faith and the boomer BiG Weekend.”

The story is a great reminder that a friendly follow-up still works.

Trusted Tours can be reached at or