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We All See Travel on the Horizon

Travel awaits for all of us.

Like many of you, our team at The Group Travel Leader Inc. enjoyed a successful fall and winter filled with fruitful, enjoyable trips. And like many of you, we were stunned when forces beyond our control ground travel to a halt.

As we began to wrap our heads around what was going on, two things became clear to us. First, despite the current difficulties, travel will make a comeback. And second, in a season filled with an incessant stream of bad news, our industry needs a voice of hope to remind us all that better days are ahead.

That’s why we decided to launch the #TravelAwaits initiative.

We want to spread a message of endurance and optimism. We want to inspire people to look forward to a future full of travel. We want to rally people in unity and solidarity.

We want to start a movement, and we want you to be a part of it.

In print, online, on social media and in your community, you can come together with us to remind the world that #TravelAwaits. Together, we’ll share our best creative ideas, encourage each other with uplifting messages and shine a spotlight on the amazing people working tirelessly through challenging times to secure the future of travel.

To help you do that, we’ve compiled a wealth of positive messages, bright ideas, useful tools and other resources on our website. You can find them at

In the next few pages, we’re going to highlight some ways you can take advantage of these tools and support our tourism community through uncertain times. See how you can find inspiration for yourself and share it with others.

We hope you’ll join us in spreading the message of hope and fueling a hunger for travel. Our comeback day is coming. And when it does, we can’t wait to see you on the road.

– The Group Travel Leader Inc.


Hear Messages of Hope

When the news is mostly negative, messages of hope can help you hold on until brighter days arrive. At, you’ll find encouraging video messages from members of our team, including publisher Mac Lacy, VP and executive editor Brian Jewell and VP of sales and marketing Kelly Tyner. Tune in to hear why we’re confident about the future of travel and discover how you can help make that future a reality.

Watch Uplifting Videos

People may be staying home for now, but destinations around the country have begun creating amazing travel videos to encourage and reassure their visitors. Check out the #TravelAwaits web page to watch some of the most inspiring travel videos we have found from across the country and around the world. These videos will keep you in good spirit and help you start planning your travel for the future. Find them at

Find Creative Ideas

Unexpected challenges can bring out the creativity in all of us. On our #TravelAwaits page, we’re collecting some of the most clever and creative uses of social media and other online efforts that we’ve found from around the travel industry. Check it out to find ideas for how you can keep your own organization thriving online until people begin traveling again. Find them at

Take Virtual Tours

Many attractions have taken advantage of digital technology to showcase their experiences even while their doors are closed. Museums are offering virtual tours of blockbuster exhibits. Zoos and aquariums are doing live “quaran-streams” that introduce virtual visitors to their amazing animal residents. Theater and music companies are taking their shows live online and performing from home in creative ways. Our #TravelAwaits page has listings of numerous virtual tours and performances to give you some ideas at

Read Positive News

Had enough of depressing headlines? Check out our #TravelAwaits page for a collection of positive articles from across the travel industry. From encouraging stories of tourism organizations helping their local communities to editorials from industry experts charting the path to recovery, these stories will fill you with optimism, check them out at

Show Your Support

Around the country, travel planners, destination representatives and attraction professionals are joining the movement by adding the #TravelAwaits photo frame to their Facebook profile photos. We have links to photo frames in three different colors on our website, You can pick the one that fits your photo best and add it with the click of a button here. Dress up your profile photo to show your support and remind your friends that travel awaits.

Download the Logos

Want to use the #TravelAwaits graphics in your own print or online communications? They’re free to download in a variety of color schemes here. Add the logo to your email signatures, videos, social media posts and other online communications, or use it in your printed newsletters, brochures and catalogs. The more people see the #TravelAwaits logo, the more excited they’ll be to hit the road again.

Hashtag Your Posts

Are you posting travel information, videos, photos or other content to social media? Use the hashtag #TravelAwaits with all your travel-related posts so others in the tourism industry can find them, too. We may even share your post with our community of fans and followers around the country.

Subscribe for Updates

Throughout this season, we’re sending #TravelAwaits update emails to our online subscribers several times a week. Those emails include positive stories, creative ideas, uplifting videos and other content to keep you inspired and encouraged about the future of travel. You can subscribe free of charge at to ensure you never miss an update.

Share Your Story

Do you have a great story of unity, support or creativity from your corner of the travel industry? We’d love to hear it. Send your ideas, links, press releases or videos to executive editor Brian Jewell at We’ll continue sharing the best of what we find with our readers in print and online.

Brian Jewell

Brian Jewell is the executive editor of The Group Travel Leader. In more than a decade of travel journalism he has visited 48 states and 25 foreign countries.